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We are the best contact with the right knowhow to help you sell your unique kind of property.

Thanks to our years of experience within promotion of hotels, tourism sector, real estate business and sales of hotels and guesthouses, we have a large database of clients who are looking for your property, for investments and opportunities.

To make sure your property or business is promoted the right way we have the best and very effective marketing tools, such as:

-A large network of brokers and hotel chains
-Direct mailings and preview mailings
-Preview newsletters to over +7000 searching clients (worldwide)
-A large database of investors who are specifically looking for a niche product such as a hotel or a Bed and breakfast.

All the Hotel/B&B properties will be published at all our websites:

-Publication on (Specialized English market)
-Publication on (Specialised United states market)
-Publication on (Specialised United Kingdom market)
-Publication on (Specialised African market)
-Publication on (Specialised Belgium market)
-Publication on (Specialised Dutch market)
-Publication on (Specialised French market)
-Publication on (Specialised Belgium market)

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